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The shipping company has moved M / S Sandön to the west coast where it operates Bohuslän and Gothenburg's inner archipelago. The vessel has also changed its name to M / S Eriksberg and the new operator is Bohuslinjen AB. The name change is, in my opinion, a completely obvious part of the ship's history. She was built in 1910 at Eriksberg's shipyard in Gothenburg with the coastal artillery in Karlskrona as the client. After about 50 years in the crown's service in Blekinge, she went to Stockholm for traffic for 10 years. She came to the Göta Canal in 1977 and trafficked the canal and adjacent lakes. Now in 2021, you can say that she has returned home after 111 years because she has the quay below the old shipyard area in Eriksberg as her home port.


Christian Fridell



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*Kbg=Karlsborg, Tba=Töreboda

Nyhet: “Hop on hop off”

I sommar har du möjlighet att resa delsträckor med oss. Gå på i Forsvik med din cykel och cykla sista biten.

  Tisdagar Onsdagar Torsdagar Torsdagar Lördagar Lördagar
  KBG-TBA TBA-KBG KBG-Vassbacken Vassbacken-KBG KBG-Brosundet Brosundet-KBG
Karlsborg 10.00 14.30 10.00 17.30 11.00 15.00
Forsvik 10.30 14.00 10.30 17.00 11.40 14.10
Brosundet 11.30 13.00 11.30 16.00 12.40 13.00
Tåtorp 12.30 12.00 12.30 15.00 -  
Vassbacken 13.30 11.00 13.30 14.00 -  
Töreboda 14.30 10.00 - - -  

Rent a room in central Karlsborg!





Information about the ship's trips is available at www.bohuslinjen.se or contact the shipping company at info@bohuslinjen.se or +4631-101015


































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In Karlsborg M/S Sandön departure near the canal bridge.
Parking is plentiful at "Öltappen" 200m north of the canal.
In Töreboda M/S Sandön departure from the canal behind the railway station.

  Do you have any questions?
Don't hesitate to call or e-mail us!
Phone +46 (0)70-21 45 254
E-mail : bokning@mssandon.se
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